Precision Polyolefins, LLC

Precision Polyolefins, LLC (PPL) is commercializing proprietary and patented technology for the production of a broad platform of specialty chemicals using a small set of inexpensive, abundant, and sustainable hydrocarbon feedstocks that are derived from shale gas, crude oil and biorenewable sources.


PPL's core technology provides exquisite control over chemical structure,  molecular weight, polydispersity and end-group functionality for 'precision polyolefins'  that have, until now, not been accessible through other industrial processes.  By implementing a novel 'one catalyst, many materials' paradigm, PPL can rapidly tailor desirable benefits of its products through customer optimization.


PPL sells its specialty chemicals to mid-market manufacturers as additives that can modify the physical properties and enhance the performance of existing synthetic materials and formulations for a number of different applications.  PPL's products are also attractive as replacements for some legacy materials that are now disadvantaged due to either pricing, sustainability, or environmental and health concerns.

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