Lawrence R. Sita, CEO

Dr. Sita is currently Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Maryland. Dr. Sita has received many  awards, has published over 140 scientific papers, and holds 14 patents.  Prior to founding PPL, Dr. Sita was Associate Dean for Faculty, Research and Diversity, College of Chemical and Life Sciences, University of Maryland. Dr. Sita obtained his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the mentorship of Dr. Satoru Masamune and he was a Postdoctoral Associate with the 2005 Chemistry Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Richard R. Schrock at MIT and as a Senior Research Fellow with 2005 Chemistry Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Robert H. Grubbs at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Sita has previously held professorial faculty positions in the Departments of Chemistry at the University of Chicago and at Carnegie Mellon University.

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